9 Free, Easy, Super Breezy Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Better Place

We’re always looking for ways to make our lives better. Unfortunately we sometimes neither have the luxury of time or money (the latter sometimes taking precedence over the former) to actually get up and get this job done. But hang in there, cause we’ve got a few neat tricks up our sleeves, why not start this weekend with 9 free and super easy ways to do-up and improve your bedroom?! Here’s what you could do:

  1. Let’s start with the small things first. Have you always started and ended your day by crawling across your bed for the phone charger? Well not anymore. Move your phone charger across the room from your bed or better still try removing it from your room altogether. If you have an alarm clock then start banking on it more. Now this might seem really insignificant but trust us it makes a big difference. It makes you sleep better, feel fresher and curbs your dependence on your phone a great deal.
  2. Keep things clean. Get up and get started this weekend by doing a once over on your entire bedroom. Clean high, clean low and make sure you do a thorough job because a clean bedroom is a happy bedroom and the change that it’ll bring to the overall atmosphere and your mood is phenomenal. Make sure that nothing is spared, from the headboards to underneath the carpets – make your bedroom dust free. clean bedroom
  3. Spring cleaning your closet – two words that you usually don’t want to hear or are too lazy to do anything about it once you’ve heard it. But once you get going it can be really cathartic. Open your closet and get rid of anything and everything that you don’t love or don’t wear. It might break your heart initially but once you’re done it’ll make you feel much better and your room / closet will look much cleaner. You could even donate all the extras to a charity and that way you’d be doing a good deed as well. spring cleaning your closet
  4. Organize your dresser and your drawers. Imagine every morning not having to frantically hunt around for things. If that’s not motivation enough then what is?! organize your dresser
  5. Make full use of your nightstand. Your nightstand is your own space. Decorate it, personalize it! you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it’ll make by adding tiny bits and bobs of your favourite things to your nightstand. From catch-alls and trinkets to your favourite book, doing up your nightstand your own way is a great way to bring customization into your bedroom. night stand design
  6. No one likes to walk into a sloppy bedroom, at the end of a tiring day an unmade bed and an untidy bedroom can be a real turn off. So, always make your bed and pick up the stray thing lying around, it’s a simple yet effective way to improve the interiors of your bedroom. neat bed in the bedroom
  7. Riding on the point mentioned above, dirty and old bedding can also be quite the mood spoiler. Change your bedding from time to time – it brings in a new lease of life to the entire atmosphere of the bedroom. You can work with different colours and patterns – whatever suits your whimsy at that point.
  8. Lighting is always a winner. The right kind of lighting is just the kind of makeover your bedroom is looking out for. There’s enough and more ways of experimenting with this – ceiling lighting, mood lighting, chandeliers and the list goes on. Another thing that totally complements lighting is art. Pick some classy pieces of art work and add them to the interior decor of your bedroom. If that doesn’t float your boat then the DIY way is always there – get creative with some fairy lights and a painting that you’ve made from scratch and you’re home. beautiful bedroom design with painting and lights
  9. Finally, bringing up the rear is adjusting your window coverings as per your liking to tweak the look and feel of your room.

So  now that you’ve these 9 super easy tricks to improve the interiors of your bedroom, what are you waiting for…get cracking :)


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