Calm and Collected! Neat, Beautiful Bedrooms

Dress up your rooms in a way it reflects your personality.  This is the most personal corner of your house. If this doesn’t resonate with the inner working of your mind, then no other space in your house will.  They have to put you at peace because this is your resting place. This is the space where you recharge your creative senses. So how are you creating this environment ?

Here are a couple of bedroom design inspirations that you can take cues on Lighting, Color Combination, Use of Drapes and Arrangment – to make your own  cosy space:

1. Use beautiful celing lights to turn your ordinary bedroom into a bright and beautiful refuge.

Modern Bedroom Design

Modern Bedroom Design


2. If you have the eye for classic and vintage styles, take a cue from this beautiful bedroom to build your own.

Vintage Inspired Bedroom Design

Vintage Inspired Bedroom Design



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