Shared spaces : Room for two

Shared spaces for children are quite challenging especially when there’s a space constraint. With the ever growing need for storage space for clothes, books and toys for two along with sleeping and study spaces, striking the right balance between space utilization and aesthetics is of utmost importance while designing such a space. However, if done right, it can be a source of inspiration and creativity, a fun play area and a calming cocoon during sleep time.

A few points if kept in mind can truly make a difference:

*Color Scheme : If the space is to be shared between members of opposite gender, the color scheme needs to be neutral. Also depending on the space available, the colors used can be lighter or darker. More of white with a splash of one or two more colors typically gives a sense of spaciousness.

*Position of the beds: If using bunk beds, perpendicular positioning often works better. If the room has a ceiling fan instead of air conditioning, its all the more important to make the space below airy and comfortable. If the room uses a ceiling fan, height and position of the top bed is very important from safety point of view and should be decided keeping the reach of the fan from the top bed in mind.

*Storage:  Storage built into the bunk beds can be very useful and can look very attractive while saving space in the room. Separate cubbies can be given to both the beds to allow personalization of the space by the person occupying the bed.

*Ladder: Fun element can be built into the ladder keeping in mind the age of the children occupying the space and the space available.

Take a look at the pictures below, get inspired and go ahead and dream your own space. Do get in touch with us for more ideas and personalization for your own space. You dream, we execute!





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  • These are great! Thanks for visiting my blog, loved yours as well. The one bunk bed with the double chandaliers is INSANE! I love it.

    Haus and Home November 4, 2015 6:20 am Reply

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