A Swede Surprise – Small Kitchen Design

The Swedes definitely know how to do it right. Inspired by the railway kitchen design, this classic Swedish small kitchen design is so simple that you’ll fall in love with it at first glance. The overall concept is minimalistic, simple and sharp. Oakwood remains the focus of the cabinets while the rest of the kitchen design is given a mute and neutral colour palette to complement the hue. The rail on which the cabinets are mounted is the only part of it that is permanently fixed and you can change around the cabinets as per your hearts desire. The sliding wood panels encloses drawers and storage space which increases the functionality component of the space.

Image Credit – remodelista

swedish small kitchen design


kitchen cabinet interiors

kitchen open wall shelves design

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kitchen utensil storage

small kitchen design inspired from railways

railway inspired small kitchen design


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