Beautiful Indian Modular Kitchen Designs you can’t ignore

~Life Is Too Short For A Badly Designed Kitchen~

The heart of the home definitely deserves some of the best makeovers, which is why in this post Homefuly is here to suggest some gorgeous modular kitchen designs that you can get inspired from.

For a kitchen to shine in all its glory one must make sure that the design needs to be systematic and organized. Much of the importance of the kitchen depends on its size, the family and on lifestyle of the people living in it. Another factor behind the essence of the kitchen design is based on cultural influence of that part of the world as well.



In India, kitchens are no longer a space where you cook your meals but it has become the focal point of conversations, bonding sessions and spending quality time with family and friends.

This evolution in culture very seamlessly resulted in the invention of modular kitchens. The concept of modular kitchens have completely changed the way kitchens are now designed.

So much so, that today if you take a look at any design of a modular kitchen you will find then incredibly stylish, highly attractive and extremely functional. However, every design miracle needs to be very carefully thought out before you go ahead and jump the gun.

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While building a modular kitchen, it’s imperative to choose one that is in sync with your house. Even though aesthetics of a place plays a key role it is crucial to keep in mind the functionality as well.



Following are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while designing the perfect modular kitchen for the Indian household.

10+ Tips for Perfect Indian Modular Kitchen

  1. One of the major plus points of working in a modular kitchen is that it’s comfortable and convenient for the entire family.
  2. Indian Modular kitchens are high on style without compromising on functionality. The cabinets installed in the kitchen create enough space for storage and are also available in fashionable styles and patterns.
  3. Modular kitchens are extremely flexible. At times, one cannot create an entire unit because it may turn out to be a little too expensive, but with a modular kitchen one has the liberty to do it installments.
  4. A modular kitchen is designed and structured in such a manner so that working becomes easier and convenient, which is perfect for the Indian household.
  5. A modular kitchen is sleek, clean and trendy look. Usually, it involves the use of straight line cuts and designs with a variety of modern contemporary finishes.
  6. A modular kitchen for Indian homes is well designed and planned for proper space management, you will find that a lot of storage can be created even in the smallest of kitchen areas.
  7. The simplest and most appealing way to get a modular kitchen design together is to have a compact look with a well-planned designing and furniture arrangements without wasting an inch of space.
  8. Make the most of the storage space, invest in pull out drawers rather than chunky protruding cabinets.
  9. For a smooth and un-interrupted work process install few open racks, shelves and trays on the counter top.
  10. There are two popular modular kitchen designs: L-shaped and U-shaped. Pick the correct one depending on the space and size of the room.
  11. Kitchen islands are a fantastic addition in Indian modular kitchen designs. They look great and are extremely useful as well.
  12. Don’t overlook lighting while designing your modular kitchen. Good lighting helps take your kitchen design from level 1 to a level 10. You could light up your cabinets and your counter tops with an array of options like LEDs, fairy lights, spots, tea lights, ceiling lights, etc.
  13. Choosing a proper colour palette for your modular kitchen is crucial. With the correct combination of hues and shades modular kitchens can create the most impressive visual impact while adding a whole lot of character to the kitchen design.

To further support the point we’ve been trying to make, take a look at these mesmerizing modular kitchen designs that rank very high on both  aesthetic appeal and optimal functionality.

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Beautiful Indian Modular Kitchen Designs you can't ignore
The heart of the home definitely deserves some of the best makeovers, which is why in this post Homefuly is here to suggest some gorgeous modular kitchen designs that you can get inspired from.
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