Modular Kitchen in Bangalore at its Best

Today’s generation is all about redefining space. When it comes to optimizing  the utility of a small space, modular kitchens are placed right there on the top. Contemporary and modern with attention to detail this modular kitchen in Bangalore strikes the right balance between aesthetic appeal and optimum functionality. As you can see very clearly in these images, even though there is a certain amount of space constraint, no compromise has been made both in terms of looks and purpose. modular kitchen design in bangalore 1 modular kitchen in bangalore 2

Functional Elements of this Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

The beautifully patterned wallpaper makes the entire kitchen look very elegant and chic without making it too overbearing. Each fitting comes with a purpose and is installed in such a way that it can be utilized to the fullest. The kitchen is  equipped with a set of kitchen cabinet hardware and accessories which includes a fully functional pantry, blind corner systems, drawers and shelves for storing, room to stash away assorted kitchen gadgets and silverware along with a counter top that helps one organize food preparation.


modular kitchen in bangalore 11 modular kitchen in bangalore 10

modular kitchen in bangalore 9

The shutters come with a polymer finish and are automated to open and close by the use of switches fixed on the wall cabinets.


The magnificent double door tall pantry unit that rests in the corner is quite the show stopper of the entire space.

The best part about modular kitchens is that it is extremely versatile and is available in various materials, colors and finishing, allowing you to experiment with the look and feel of your kitchen according to your likes and dislikes. The modular kitchen units can be done in lesser time and budget, all without compromising on the luxuries of a complete custom built one.


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