Modular Kitchen Designs: Design is a Balance between Form & Function

What’s a house if it’s not a home… and what’s design without a purpose. We’ve all been through that phase where while decorating our homes, we have had no idea what to go ahead with, what looks good, what is the best bet within budget constraints and so on and so forth. Which is why in order to ensure that your home is well turned out from the inside we should and ought to collaborate and take the advice of interior design consultants.

Interior Design Consultation is a key step in the process where the home-owner and the designer come together to brainstorm on various ideas. It’s all very good and exciting when you think of all the marvellous things that you want to do with the space in your house, but it’s a different ball game altogether when you have to turn them into a reality. It is at this phase that home-owners often find themselves “lost in translation”. However, we at Homefuly understand the importance of you having your dream home and we do what we can to make sure that your home becomes a piece of art.

In most case scenarios, home-owners already have a picture in mind about how they want their home to be- they have, what you would call, a blue-print of the actuality. This is where Interior Design Consultation comes into play. Interior design consultants are like psychiatrists, the way they work is through in-depth research of your personality, likes, dislikes, moods and temperaments. The home-owner curates and collect images that serve as a “mood board” for the decoration and the design consultant infers key facts which he/she then uses to create something beautiful and one of a kind.

Here we see one such magician – Mr. Yogesh – the founder of Aishwarya Interiors, who is  involved in the consultation process with his customers, steering them and guiding them through their thought processes. Advising home-owners on various kinds of functionalities and options available in the market so that they can make a well-informed choice, Mr Yogesh has built his showroom in such a way that his customers can actually live the experience.  With various kitchens and fitting options for customers to touch and feel which helps them get an idea of the limitless possibilities of a beautiful kitchen, he provides personal attention to every client’s needs and ensures that his kitchen and wardrobe solutions are based on the design provided by the designer. Kitchen Design Consultation with Aishwarya Interiors


For example, this gorgeous modular kitchen design is perfectly suited for a modern Indian apartment. Minimalistic and contemporary, it has the signature touch of “excellence” that Mr. Yogesh brings to the table. He has shrewdly advised the use of white which makes it look more spacious while adding a premium touch to it. The fittings inside the kitchen lofts are premium German fittings from Häfele, which provide tons of options to explore and play around with creativity. modular kitchen design with hafele fittings

kitchen basin with faucet hafele fittings inside kitchen cabinets

Multi-functional possibilities are explored as the shelves with the green lights are given a dual purpose – that of a cool bar unit as well as a storage unit with the long tower lending itself to a lot of storage space.
modular kitchen design with hafele fittings

The hero of the kitchen, however is the magnificent kitchen island that comes with a barbeque & deep fry unit and a stunning chimney also from Häfele. DSC_7060 Kitchen Island Barbeque and Fryer Unit

And, hang on, we’ve saved the best for the last – it’s super affordable too! Now just imagine decorating your home and turning your dreams into a reality all coming at a price that you’re more than willing to pay – I mean, it really is a win-win situation.

So if you’ve been worried all this while as to where to go and who to consult, worry no further. An esteemed designer with more than a decade’s experience in crafting excellence, with Mr Yogesh, you are guaranteed to get a home with the perfect finish and a quality that will leave you spell-bound.


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