15 Simple Modular Kitchen Decorations for Indian Homes (With Photos)

The concept of a simple modular kitchen has revolutionized the interior design process of the kitchen altogether. As people increasingly lean towards more engaging and modern designs, kitchens too have grown to become more aesthetically pleasing and more functional.

Simple modular kitchens serve both purposes, not only does it provide an elegant look but it also brings out the well-organized aspect of a kitchen for effective cooking. True to their principles, Bonito Designs have come up with, “15 simple modular kitchen designs in Bangalore” that are bound to make your jaws drop –  that are big on aesthetics as well as functionality.

15 Simple Modular Kitchen Designs (With Photos)

1. This modular kitchen design where space is utilized to the best of it’s ability. simple modular kitchen 1
2. A classic modular kitchen example of how keeping things simple is possibly the best way to go – both functionally as well as aesthetically. simple modular kitchen 2
3. A kitchen photo with clever incorporation of storage space is always a good thing, especially if the space in consideration is small. simple modular kitchen 3
4. Innovative, elegant classy and spectacular kitchen – the perfect four words that describes this masterpiece simple modular kitchen 4
5. A modular kitchen that truly stands as the epitome of the highest standards of craftsmanship with customized wood work that makes the object of everyone’s envy. simple modular kitchen 5
6. What’s a kitchen without the perfect lighting? Nothing right! Well here’s an example of a kitchen that really is as beautiful as the lights used to illuminate it. simple modular kitchen 6
7. A kitchen that’s optimal when it comes to space maximization with plenty of storage space in the form of well distributed kitchen cabinets and shelves. simple modular kitchen 7
8. A modular kitchen that comes with addition of a kitchen island that increases its utilitarian possibilities. simple modular kitchen 8
9. Once again a showcase of how if planned properly, no matter how small the space is, one can work wonders. simple modular kitchen 9
10. Utilizing space properly is a key. Just because you have a lot of it does not mean that every single inch of it needs to be utilized. In fact, sometimes, it’s best to just leave the extra space as it is to create the best look – which is what this kitchen is all about. simple modular kitchen 10
11. Part of designing the perfect kitchen is to know what to put where. This kitchen is a great example of how an effective interior kitchen plan works wonders when it comes to final design output of the space. simple modular kitchen 12
12. Using light colours to do up your kitchen space is always a great idea as it gives the illusion of more space. This modular kitchen, with it’s light brown wooden cabinets and cream coloured interiors makes it look much larger and more spacious than it is. simple modular kitchen 14
13. A key feature of modular kitchen design is the kind of storage space it brings with it. This kitchen with the evenly distributed storage space is the perfect example of just that. simple modular kitchen 15
14. Looking to make things a little more interesting. Why not go for a quirky pattern design ideas on the walls of your kitchen. It could be an entire wall or just a section, like in this kitchen the space right above the stove! simple modular kitchen 13
15. Yellow Yellow – a rather handsome fellow. The yellow and grey interiors of this modular kitchen works wonders in terms of keeping the atmosphere fun and full of life. Also, let’s not miss the tiles that complements the cabinets perfectly! simple modular kitchen 16

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