Simply White Modular Kitchen Designs

They say that life is lived in the kitchen, after all it is the place where you go to cook, to hang out with your folks and also to spend some calm, alone time with yourself and it helps if the kitchen is a place that reflects serenity and tranquility (especially if you’re looking for some “me time”). These modular kitchen designs clad in the new Benjamin Moore Color of the Year for 2016 – Simply White, are the perfect examples of a place where you can spend endless amount of time creating magic. True to it’s worth, the majority of the kitchen area is in white with soft and neutral colours complementing it. Most of the accessories and the furniture is kept to those made out of wood as it makes for a perfect addition to the theme of the space. The thing that sets these kitchen designs apart from the rest is that they are well planned, structured, have plenty of storage place, are aesthetically pleasing, are perfect balance between contemporary and old school and have some fascinating light fixtures that help bring out the beauty of the space all the more. Additionally, what’s so incredible about these kitchens are their ethereal glow that constantly seems to emit from them and that are primarily due to the Simply White color that remains true under any source of light. It’s not a stark white, but in contrary is a shade that brings out a sense of gentleness and softness from the room. modular kitchen designs 3 modular kitchen designs 4 modular kitchen designs 1 modular kitchen designs 2


Credit – Homebunch



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