Living Room Design Lessons – Brighter and Bigger

The living room is the center of your home where you spend most of your time. Get inspired by these design lessons from one of my recent projects to create a soothing, calm, yet bright ambience:

1. Use warm white lights all over to create more space. Add colors to the white space through the use of paintings, sofas, plants and other decorative items. This way you can keep changing the colors just by changing the objects in your living room.

living room interior design lessons

Brighter and Bigger

2. Take a look at the effective use of space in the tv cabinet design. This design has been made keeping in mind the storage requirements – all of the side and top units are storage spaces.

TV Cabinet design with storage spaces

Modern Cabinet with Storage

3. Throw in some nice paintings, cosy sofa and other elements like indoor plants to add to the soothing ambience of the room

Sofa Design for Living Room

Sofa Design for Living Room



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