4 Wall Organizer DIY Ideas that you want to try

Have you been wondering what to do with all the empty wall space? Well, here are a few quirky wall organizer DIY ideas that will help solve your problem and give you a place to keep your keys! The best part of theses DIYs (and it does get better) is that it involves less to effort from your part – all you need to do is make a trip to your nearest hardware / stationery store and you’re done.

First in the list is the iron mesh wall organizer. Get an iron mesh from your local hardware store, fix it near your study. Colourful folders are great for organizing your everyday documents but cut them up, paint them colourful and stick them to this mesh to brighten up your walls. We spotted this idea on Passionshake.

wall organizer home decor DIY ideas



Another neat DIY idea is to take clipboards; Sow in a piece of fabric to create a pocket; Hang them on the wall and you have yourself some really cool wall pockets. Take a look at the complete DIY steps at Gathering Beauty

wall organizer DIY ideas using clipboards



Another cool idea is to take a plain board and keep adding fun elements like boxes and rods to it – store colorful office supplies – it will brighten up your wall in a way that will resonate you and your personality. Spotted at – Sinnen Rausch

all white leaning wall organizer DIY


And here is our favorite Wall organizer DIY! Get some embroidery hoops from the local store and add stylish fabric to them to create awesome wall pockets. These are not only stylish but does the job of storing your day-to-day useful accessories. For the complete DIY check out Abernathy Crafts

fabric wall pocket wall organizer DIY ideas


Do try out these simple DIYs and let us know through comments.



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