5 DIY Ideas To Make Your Own Photo Frames

Photos capture the best of our memories and allow us to relive them over an over again. If you love the idea of creating your own photo frames, we have collected the most simplistic DIY photo frame tutorials for you. Each one links back to a real, live, helpful tutorial that will show you exactly how to make a cool frame of your own. Keep reading for photos and links.

DIY Rustic Twig Frame DIY Frame 1

If you are more of a naturalist and like the rustic appeal of things, the twig frame is just perfect for you to try. Learn from the simple tutorial here: ehow tutorial

DIY Yarn Frame DIY Frame 2

Left over with some yarn from your knitting project? Put it to good use with this simple and colourful yarn frame that really easy to make. Learn here: http://spoonfulofimagination.com/diy-yarn-picture-frame/

DIY Rocky Frame DIY Frame 3

There are bound to be some spare rocks lying around your garden. Get busy with them and make your cute rocky frame so that you can hang on a wall or place on a table.

Source: morenascorner.com

DIY Puzzle Frame DIY Frame 4

The puzzle game might not be completely useless after you have lost some of the pieces. You can put them to good use for this DIY project and create a romantic picture frame. Here’s the complete video tutorial: Youtube

DIY Shell Frame DIY Frame 5

Bring the ocean home with this marine inspired frame. By the time you are done making this frame, you’d be in the mood to hit the beach again.

Source: outnumbered3-1.com


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