A Myriad of Colours – How to Pick the Right Color?

Choosing the right colour for home design can be quite the challenge. It is a task that requires a great deal of thought and planning – that’s exactly why we’ve taken the liberty to pick some of the most popular colours used for home decor and decode their meaning and significance so that your task becomes a little simpler.

Let’s take a look first at the different emotions, mood and outlook conveyed by each color. The more you understand these meanings, the more informed choices you can make in your interior designing.

meaning of colors for home interior design


1. First on the list – Blue. Blue as a colour is very popular. It is calming and soothing and is known to lower blood pressure, build confidence and enhance intuition. It is also the most productive color.

mediterranean blue living room design

2. Next is red, vibrant, energetic and full of life, red exudes life and increases enthusiasm. It symbolizes passion and strong emotion and encourages action, confidence and appetite. Some cultures even consider red to be the colour of well-being and prosperity!

red color living room interior design

3. Yellow, the third on our list, is mentally stimulating as it has a positive effect on the nervous system. It activates memory and encourages communication. However, yellow is also most likely to cause eye strain and should be contrasted with something a little more neutral like white.

yellow color living room interior design

4. The next colour is Mother Natures favourite – green! The colour green is soothing and restful on the eye. It relaxes you mentally as well as physically and helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety.

kitchen interior design in green

5. Fifth in the line-up is none other than the all-time classic – white. It is a colour that goes synonymous with elegance, sophistication and all that is pure. White aids mental clarity, encourages us to clear clutter, evokes purification of thoughts and actions and initiates fresh beginnings.


6. This next one is for all the creative minds out there – Purple is a colour that uplifts the mind and encourages creativity while offering a sense of spirituality and wisdom.

purple home interior design

7. Orange and Brown typically characterize summer and earthy respectively. If you’re looking for a colour that stimulates feelings relating to summer and enthusiasm – go for orange, while if on the other hand you’re looking for a more grounded, wholesome and stable feel go for brown!.


8. Finally – Black. Black though not everyone’s first choice is a great colour to go for. Though it does retain heat and can sometimes be a little overbearing if not modulated, black signifies a sense of mystery, emptiness and sophistication. So what are you waiting for, get colouring!

black home interior design


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