Doing up your home? – The process

So, you have decided to get your home interiors done. Good! However, diving further, you realize that taking the decision was far easier than getting the job done. With the various options available, in terms of materials, designs, finishes, contractors or modular furniture builders, furnishings , arts and artifacts and various interior related products, it sure is overwhelming. If you think I just read your mind, KEEP CALM and READ ON!

First things first, decide on whether to get it done on your own or hire an Interior Designer. If you are very clear on what you want, have a good aesthetic sense which has been proven in some projects you may have undertaken, have the time and energy to invest in executing it, know a very good and reliable contractor/carpenter who does quality work and know from sources where to procure the best materials and products, you can certainly consider doing it on your own. If not, it certainly helps to hire an Interior Designer who has experience in all of the above, to get the project completed on time and to match your taste.

First things first, dream and imagine your new home, look for inspirations and images you like and file them up. This step is important even if you hire an Interior Designer to let them know of your taste so they can design accordingly.


Inspirations sourced from the web for dining table


Inspirations sourced from the web for bookshelf

Secondly, if you are hiring a designer, check out their past projects to see the quality and finish if possible. Look for reviews and feedback about them to ensure you are hiring the best you can.

Based on the house plan and your requirements, decide on what goes where, to make maximum usage of space while not blocking the light, ventilation and movement spaces, while still taking care of aesthetics and other considerations like vaastu or feng shui if it matters to you.


Decide on a tentative budget and check out what can be done best in that budget in order of priority. Its better to do in phases than compromise on the quality and aesthetics.

Choose a theme and colour scheme for the interiors of the entire space based on your taste. Ensure that you consider a variety of themes and colour schemes and browse a lot of images in each to ensure you are choosing what appeals the best to you. Do check out the latest offerings in the market in the field of interiors in floor and wall finishes, lighting, materials etc.

Choose the materials and finishes for the interiors and design the fixed woodwork like kitchen, wardrobes, entertainment units etc. If possible, get a 3D view or picture of what you are choosing. A designer can easily show you a variety of 3D options using designing software, so you can choose the best. Ensure that the theme and color scheme of the entire home/ space is in rythm and harmony with each other. Ensure that the space looks balanced in design with no space overbearing on the other spaces. Rather, every space should complement the spaces around them.

Once the designs are finalized, it time to choose a contractor/carpenter based on the quality,  reliability and cost factors.

Using the best materials and hardware is of utmost importance. Ensure that all electrical and plumbing changes are considered well in advance so that rework and delays can be avoided.

Now, go ahead and give shape to your dreams and see it unfold day by day and transform into a beautiful space.


Bookshelf in the study


Wall art-cum-dining table









While in the process, don’t forget to look up for inspirations, designers and to get your design queries answered. And once done, please do share the pictures and your experience by writing in to . We’d love to showcase your home and inspire others.







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