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Keys, loose change, little pieces of jewelry…we’re always looking for a safe place to keep these things around the house. Keeping catch-alls around the house in key places is a great way to store and keep track of all those little things that usually go missing. Catch-alls come in different shapes and sizes, but here’s where things get interesting, have you ever tried making a catch-all with a leaf? Yes, a leaf – they’re easily available, they’re free and they make beautiful catch-alls!

leaf catch-all home diy idea

Here’s how you go about this simple Home DIY

Materials Required:

Leaves, Air dry clay, Roller Craft knife, Gloss varnish and Paint brush

leaf catch-all home diy idea materials

Step1. Break off a small lump of air dry clay and roll it out flat and thin. The thinner you can roll your clay the more delicate and lifelike the leaves will look. Be careful not to roll it too thin as it may destroy the imprint.

leaf catch all diy idea

Step 2. Lay the leaf over the clay facing upwards. Keep all of the edges within the area of the clay.


Step 3. Use your roller to gently press the leaf down into the clay evenly, then peel back the leaf to reveal the pattern and shape it has left.

leaf catch-all DIY

Step 4. Cut around the edge of the shape using the craft knife. Try to do this as smoothly as possible and be careful not to rest your hand on the pattern and destroy it.


Step 5. Lift the clay carefully and place into a bowl. This will give the leaf natural and gradual curves at its edges. Leave here to dry overnight. To make sure the clay is 100% hardened, remove the leaf from the inside of the bowl, turn both the leaf and the bowl over and place the clay onto the bottom of the bowl. This means the underneath of the clay leaf can dry fully while keeping its shape.


Step 6. Once the clay is dry, you can paint on two or three light layers of varnish to protect the clay from damage and staining. Leave each layer to fully dry before adding the next.

You can keep things interesting by picking different types of leaves with different shapes and patterns, my favorites are fig tree leaves, Macaranga leaves and maple leaves whenever I can get my hands on them. You can even use gold or metallic acrylic paint and give it your personal spin on the look!



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