How to Choose the Right Rug?

Rugs can make the true difference to your home interiors, even more so than your furniture. But, how do you pick the right rug for your space?

We have compiled some tips from various sources that will help you in your quest –

Let’s get into the basics first – For high-traffic zones in your home, consider picking a rug that is very durable and easy to clean, like a flat weave or a low pile one. For other zones, you can have the luxury to choose shag rugs or woolen ones.

Now let’s move onto the fun part: the look of your rug. From design aesthetics point of view treat your rug as the missing piece/finishing touch to your interiors. It should strike the right balance in terms of providing the contrast to other objects, or inject something new and fresh to the overall look.

Let’s go through some examples:

1. Vibrant Colorful rug that can complement your painting or add the right dose of color and pattern to the otherwise unadventurous furniture in your living room

colorful rug for living room

Image Credit – Pinterest


2. In this more contemporary living room, the shag rug adds to the class of the look. This bright room gets a contrast from the dark shade of the rug which also connects with the rest of the furniture in the room

shag rug contemporary living room

Image Credit – Google


3. This graphic rug adds that little bit of excitement to the otherwise ordinary furniture in the room

graphic rug in a living room

Image Credit – Pinterest


4. If you want that traditional touch, throw in an oriental rug in your space to add color and pattern.

oriental rug

Image Credit – Google


5. And finally here is a great example of a simple colorful stripe rug that completes the missing piece in this neat bedroom

stripe rug in bedroom

Image Credit – Pinterest


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