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~Husband-wife Duo – Amresh & Sonika – Interior Decorators in Bangalore – Takes Interior Design To the Next Level~

Sonika & Amresh are a husband wife team of interior decorators/architects in Bangalore working together for past 8 years in the field. With expertise in Residential & Restaurant interiors as well as architecture projects, the awesome two-some, located in Bangalore are taking the world of interior decor within the city to great heights.

Their most recent project is where the proof of the pudding lies. A challenge must be met heads on and that’s precisely what Amresh and Sonika did.

The Challenge – Dipti and her family of three wanted a space designed especially for them that would accommodate maximum storage. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

But here’s where the catch was:

They required  space designed to accommodate maximum storage without it looking overcrowded and most  importantly, within a stringent budget.
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Now for those of you who have been in the same situation, you know exactly how difficult and daunting this challenge can be -maximum space, stringent budget, aesthetic appeal while respecting space. It’s almost next to impossible to design the perfect home and checking out all the things on that list while doing so. However, this did not deter Amresh and Sonika. They used their experience and knowledge to help the family achieve the above with all their  design requests. Here’s how they got around doing it.

The basic criteria to start with a typical 2bhks/ 3bhk luxurious apartments in metros lies in the efficient arrangement of spaces in terms of functions. The functional arrangement of spaces depends on the user’s lifestyle and their expectations from their dwelling unit. Hence, the circulation of activities within available conditions of spaces such as finishes, doors & windows positions, plumbing, etc. must be carefully considered while planning of spaces. As everyone aspires for a ameliorated living in their residing space, the visual impression perceived from the interior design plays a pivotal role in impressing the viewers. One of the first things that the two designers decided to do was  to ensure that minute details like home  & wall decor, ceiling structure, furniture selection and accessories such as paintings and light fixtures were curated to reflect the impression of the user’s lifestyle – to themselves as well as to their guests.



The foyer & the living room reflects playing around with pastel colours to help enhance the look of the space. 

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While paintings were added to lift up the glam quotient of the entire house, the partition unit was designed to ensure that spaces within it cleverly were cleverly used. The side of the partition facing the living room helps in storage while the other converts into a  traditional Pooja unit. The kitchen is designed in full white kitchen as per the clear instructions of the members of the family living there. The tinge of oak added to it further enhanced the entire look of the kitchen.


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The bedrooms stand as a true testimony to space optimisation, especially the Master Bedroom.

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The sliding wardrobe along with a low height chest of drawers helps in achieving more storage along with creating Dipti’s favourite corner where she can sit and enjoy the landscape outside. The inspiration behind the bedroom was bay seating with woodwork and Amresh and Sonika did full justice to it. As a contrast to the master bedrooms, the kid’s bedroom was kept simple. The corner of the room was adorned with a study that came along with shelves and a study table, while the kid’s wardrobe was kept to sliding with ample storage for clothes and toys.




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The colour scheme of the entire house was the perfect marriage between pastel shades and pops of bright colours wherever required and all the design elements followed the path of simple elegance. The overall result, therefore, was a house that lived up to every expectation that the family had of their designers.


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