Smart Homes – A Dream of the Future or a Present Reality?

The world has become a much smarter place to live in. This door/entryway by Mitsubishi Electric’s smart homes greets inhabitants with a sleek brushed steel door that’s completely flat. What appears to be a peephole is actually a biometric camera that can be configured to recognize the faces of family members as they come home.When the door handle is gripped, embedded sensors check for “biological information” – such as body temperature and heart rate – in order to assess the person’s physical condition.

smart homes design

image source – techinasia

smart homes design

The smart kitchen is full of technological wizardry, creating a pleasing experience for homeowners. The kitchen decor comprises a refrigerator that makes use of the biological data collected by the door handle.The island itself integrates parts of the refrigerator in its design, with an ice drawer and a chilled drawer for condiments directly beneath the cooking surface for easy access. The upper tier of the countertop also features an outlet-free, non-contact power source for blenders, veggie steamers, and other kitchen appliances, doing away with the need for drilling holes to hide a tangle of cords.

smart kitchen design

smart homes design

smart kitchen design


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