The First Home DIY Projects

Moving into your first home is a momentous occasion and we all look for ways to make it special. Start your first home DIY projects by decorating with planters (both hanging as well as potted), cute little floor cushions, accessories like paintings, coasters & candles and the best of all fairy lights are some neat and inexpensive DIY hacks to do up your home just as you want it!

1. Hanging Planters

Add life to your space with simple hanging planters. Have fun building and setting them up yourself. We liked some of the DIYs here – Hanging Planter DIY

Hanging Planters in your apartment


2. Floor Pouf

Add extra seating, colors and decor with simple floor poufs in your apartment. You can even use them as side tables in your bedroom or dining, provided they are strong and sturdy. Check out some floor pouf DIY tutorials that we spotted on Pinterest: Floor Pouf DIYs

Floor Pouf for your first apartment


3. Side Stool

Side stools DIYs are very simple and fun to make. You can not only use them as a decor, but they have many uses like side table in the living room, nightstand or an extra seat. Check out many cool ideas – DIY Chairs, Stools and Benches

side stool DIY ideas


4. Coasters

There are tons of coaster DIYs ideas available. Take a look at DIY Coasters to bring personal touch in your dining space.

coasters DIY ideas


5. Tea Light Holders

Tea light holders might not be considered as a first home DIY project, but can add great value to your new home. Use them in table-top vignettes, on shelves or even in your dining space. Here are some Tealight holder DIY ideas for you to get started

tealight holder DIY ideas

6. Catch-All Tray

Now this one needs no explanation. This one will help you organize your busy modern life and keep off the clutter. This video tutorial will take you through the simple step-by-step process – Catch-All Tray DIY

Catch all tray DIY


Have fun in your new apartment with these DIY inspirations and start sharing your DIY stories!


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