The Wow Factor – Tips for Great Interior Design

Ever wondered what are some of the things that you need to transform your home interior design? Things that will change it from “hey that’s nice” to “Oh my God, that’s gorgeous!” – well here are some quick and easy design lessons for a quick fix:

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1. The Right Rug – Get the right rug to change the look and feel of the room

the-right-rug in interior design

2. Get some Greenery – Plants are your friends, get some right away to kick up the ambience of the room a couple of notches

plants in interior design

3. Art it up – on the walls or as table top pieces – your call

wall-art in home interior design


4. Lighting is essential, if you can nail this, then you’ll always be in the spotlight


5.  A lot of Textiles – Go the extra mile with some cool textiles like pillows, blankets, curtains, they’ll complement the interiors and give your rooms the homely, comfortable feel.



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