These Beautiful Puja Rooms Will Make You A Believer

Puja or prayer rooms are designed to create a sacred space where we send our prayer vibrations to the Gods we adore. It is a place where we conduct rituals to show honour and reverence for our creators. We adorn our shrines with gold, glitter and fragrant flowers; we light up lamps and incenses, creating an island of calm where we join our hands in prayer to the divine beings in which our faith lies. Even if you are an atheist, Puja rooms will certainly be a place where you can find solitude and some spiritual time with yourself.

Set up your Puja room; choose a proper place in the North-East corner of your house. If you already have a Puja room, then choose between:

                                    White, Yellow, Blue or Violet colour and paint it

Avoid using dark shades. If you wish to have any religious symbols or mantras to be painted on the wall, add them.

                                 “No matter what, we should always keep our pooja room clean and decorated”

Never keep or store unnecessary items in your pooja room.

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Featured here are some beautiful and unique Puja room designs that you can take inspiration from and maybe redo your own Puja room. Take a quick look:

Puja Room 1

Let there be light!

Puja Room 2

Land at HIS feet at the end of the staircase

Puja Room 3

Put on a pedestal

Puja Room 4

A secluded glory

Puja Room 5

Room for solitude

Puja Room 6

Shelf of belief

Puja Room 7

A platform to pray



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