Get Trending – Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2015

It is rightfully said that what’s on the inside is what counts and this little saying hold true even when it comes to your home – which is why, today, we will talk about the top 10 raging interior design trends of 2015 for your home.

  1. The right kind of furniture – It has been predicted that big and comfy furniture like sofa’s and divan’s are what’s trending this season when it comes to utilization of space inside your home. They are inviting and make for great space fillers without the additional clutter. large comfy sectional sofas
  2. The colour blue – Given the fact we all lead crazy hectic corporate lives from 9 to 5 everyday of the week (and sometimes on weekends as well) the colour blue is really catching on due to the calming and soothing effect that it brings in. I mean who wouldn’t want to come back to home to serenity? Popular shades of blue are deep blue and light Mediterranean Blue. mediterranean blue living room design
  1. Pastels – Gleaning from the point above, interior decorations are done in such a manner that it grows to reflect a calm and happy place, which is why colouring the interiors of your home with tones of muted pastels is another popular trend that catching on this year. Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t make things any less colourful or boring, the smart use of different shades of pastels can actually make the interiors of your home look bright but not gaudy! Modern living room design with pastel shades
  2. Juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional – The perfect way to do something original with your space is to mix the old with the new. For example – an old dining table with modern bar stools or a four poster bed with modern painting surrounding it. Old Bed with New Painting - Bedroom Interior Design
  3. Juxtaposition of sophistication and youthfulness – Maturity is always welcomed but you must admit that a little bit of youthfulness is what brings in the fun. The same can be applied to interior designs. Show off your fun side by breaking the monotony with a dash of colour or a statement show piece or get creative with ceramics and textiles. colorful ceramic vase designer vase in home interior design
  4. Vintage bath accessories – Bath interior designs are great way to let your creativity shine through. This space is really personal which gives you the liberty to do it up just the way you want it. One of the key interior design trends of 2015 in this respect is to include elements of vintage which decorating – like a vintage tub or vintage mouldings! Vintage bath tub in bathroom interior design
  5. Use of shelves – Shelves are the up and coming trend of this year. They are incredibly multipurpose in nature and have the ability to completely transform the way your house looks. A gorgeous set of shelves can be used as a library, as a storage space or as a piece of decoration in itself. Tip – create a rustic feel by leaving the shelves unpolished and unpainted, they look incredible this way. Rustive Shelves in Kitchen Interior Design
  6. Statement lights – Lighting has always played a very important role in the design aesthetics of a home. Get with the trend and go for some statement light pieces for your living room, kitchen and bedroom – you’ll just have to brace yourself though because people won’t stop complimenting!  statement lights for home interior design statement lights in home interior design
  7. From Italy to Spain – Italian and Spanish inspired interiors are the way to go this year. The Italian colour palette brings in life while Spanish architecture adds the feeling of grandeur and the feel of the old world charm.  italian home interior design ideas
  8. DIY – The mother of all trends for the year – do it yourself hacks. The particular trend has caught on so rapidly that literally everyone from the kids to the adults are partaking in it. Be it for utility or decoration – DIY hacks are what makes your house your home with the personal touch it brings in. home diy interior design ideas home diy interior design ideas

So what are you waiting for? Start trending!


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