Upcycle Recycle

With a little imagination and creativity, whether own or borrowed, simple objects in daily life can be transformed into objects of art.

Peppering the living spaces with these pieces of art can take recycling to a whole new level.


Have these cane stools from yester years?  Perfect twist to them to use in the balcony, terrace , kids room etc.


Image credit: Google


Want that perfect light for your bar unit?

Image credit: Google

Image credit: Google


Painting old solid wood furniture is a great way to integrate them into more contemporary settings. Wooden cots, side tables, dressers can all be repainted in colors pertaining to the new themes.


Image credit: Google

Image credit: Google


Don’t you just love these?

tyre reuse-tires-garden-furniture-poufs-stools-upcycling-ideas



Hop, skip and jump from the kitchen to the dressing room.


Image credit : Google

Image credit : Google


Don’t just recycle, UPCYCLE!!




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