Walls that Speak a Thousand Words

More often than not, wall art as a part of the home interior design plan is put to the side – it’s never our first choice when it comes to doing up the design of a space. But we’re here to tell you that you’ve been putting aside a rather important part of decorating till now. The reason why wall art is so apt in its ways is because it brings to the room several artistic and functional advantages.

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wall decor adds texture in home interior design

The correct selection of wall art provides instant colour palette to the room while bring in much needed texture as well.


wall decor in home interior design that provides color palette

They make great focal points (size of the art piece is to be kept in mind here as it should complement the space as well) and is like the last piece to the puzzle – bringing the entire decor of a room together. Imagine showing off your favorite artwork above the fireplace, in your livingroom or above the bed in your master suite – it’s bound to make your heart sing with joy!

wall decor in home interior design that provides focal point


The right wall decor or wall art completes your home interior design. Choose the right art piece, painting or wall hanging which creates harmony with the rest of ambience of your home. Pick items that you love and can keep on watching for years to come!

wall decor in dining room design




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